About Raadvad Møbelsnedkeri

Raadvad Møbelsnedkeri provides you with the opportunity of owning a unique and personal piece of furniture, hand-made specifically for you. It was founded by me, Sophie Clemmensen, in 2015. Before that, I've been exploring the creation of high quality, bespoke furniture and kitchens for a few years, combining my passion for wood and traditional cabinetmaking

In my handcrafted designs you'll find references from the Scandinavian tradition and trends from the global market. I am also more than happy to incorporate your own ideas in my designs, with the possibility of guiding you through the conceptualisation process so you can have, not only the piece that you thought of, but also the one that fits your needs better. 

In my work you can find geometric and organic forms, originality, and the history of the wood, all incorporated in my designs. I also take inspiration from the proud Danish furniture tradition, and from sculptures and contrasts. Solid wood is used wherever practical in my furniture, incorporating the character and natural imperfections of the wood to express life and personality. 

If you are interested in a timeless, organic, natural and unique piece made exclusively for you, get in touch so we can start the creation process.